Dellistore css/xhtml template converted into Joomla

Dellistore css/xhtml free template was originally released from and jointly.  We have now converted this piece of art into Joomla.

We hope this template will be very useful for many hotel website owners.  Cafe shops can also use this template.  The features of this template are,

  • xhtml and css valid
  • Newslflash module is applied on top so any image can be set in any page.
  • Bottom module position is added for menu setup in bottom.
  • We have created a separate “chrome” module style for right side module list.

Here are the demo, module position and download links,

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  • Mike

    June 21, 2009

    Thanks for making this beautiful template available! I downloaded and installed it with a brand new version of Joomla (1.5.11), and the only module position that appears to be available is “left”. I’ve used Joomla on other sites before (though by no means an expert) and was just wondering if I’m missing something.

    • Designer

      June 21, 2009

      Yes, It is true that this template contains only one position. The right module position is the only one that is mainly used.

      However, you can still use other positions,

      user3, top and banner in it.

      If you need more positions, please hire us for the job, we will be glad to take the job and do the additional works.

  • JoAnn

    July 7, 2009

    I LOVE the dellistore template but I am relatively new to using joomla. Can the DeliStore in the header be replaced with a website name? If so, where do I do that?

  • sendytha

    July 13, 2009

    Thanks for free beautiful template available! … regrads …
    i have question … how make top menu (user3) to dropdown ???
    thanks before

  • John

    July 30, 2009

    Can we remove the copyright and link

    • Designer

      August 2, 2009

      Although it is ok from my side, Please check Delli site for their link removal. And atleast create a credit page where you can post our links.

  • richard

    August 31, 2009

    wow, absolut nice!!!!!!!!!


  • Mike

    October 23, 2009

    Incredible! Is there anyway that you can make this into a wordpress theme!?!? Or is there a wordpress version of this! I love it!

    Please email me at!

    • Designer

      January 26, 2010

      I think someone already made a wp theme on it. Please google it.

  • anada

    October 29, 2009

    Very nice! thank you!

  • chris

    January 26, 2010

    ok well how do you active these other positions? only the left is selected ?

    • Designer

      January 26, 2010

      I am sorry, i dont get your question.

  • matze

    November 20, 2010

    It dosnt work. Look at my website! Only this is on the page with a white background:


    Matzes Einkaufswelt

    © 2009 The DelliStore. Converted to Joomla by PixelThemes Blog
    Design by for Smashing Magazine”

    please help me!

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